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My career has mainly been with the State of Oregon working in different positions and agencies throughout my life. I began working as a state employee in 2000, and as a temporary employee in the mid-80s and late-90s.


I have been fortunate to have worked with knowledgeable coworkers and leadership in the many positions held at different agencies throughout my state service, however, not all leadership decisions and/or choices aligned with my core values, and, is why I chose to leave in 2018.


I miss helping others, and after a long period of soul-searching, I finally decided to create a virtual business based on my skills and knowledge. I will apply those skills and knowledge by helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, and local government to succeed and reach their goals.

If you would like to know more about me, please visit my LinkedIn profile by clicking here


Cynda B.

Lincoln County Transportation District

Organized and Efficient

In her role at ODOT, Kristina was very helpful to my staff and me with reporting issues in both OPTIS and NTD.  She was very pleasant to work with and always patient with us when we had questions.

Jeff H.

Sunset Empire Transportation District

Let’s Start Working Together!

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